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By | January 7, 2017

In light of this parallel development of speculative chemistry in the Orient and the areas of the Fertile Crescent recommended to some Esoteric history specialists that speculative chemistry may have had a typical root in that depressed landmass Atlan, or Atlantis, as it is more for the most part known.

Elusive Tradition pronounces that a modest bunch of the Atlantean Root Race survived the submergence of the land and transmigrated to Egypt, China, and the Americas. It is sensible to expect that they carried with them their sciences, craftsmanship, and culture, which affected the tenants indigenous to the districts where they settled. This would clarify the likenesses in the conventions and convictions of local societies to be discovered both East and West.

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Standards of Alchemy are the rule that Nature herself works with, and in this manner speculative chemistry, deductively, existed in the internal planes much sooner than it was conveyed down to the earth plane by Master instructors. An investigation of Nature’s puzzles would uncover to the recognizing understudy that the higher Intelligences, the Elohim, and the Great Architect of the Universe used catalytic standards to accelerate the starry bodies out of Chaos.

out of Cosmic Root Substance or “Sunyata,” as named by the Buddhist. Qabalists trust that Adam was educated by the blessed messengers in Paradise the craft of transmutation, to set him up for his “Fall” and his move back toward his Monad, toward godhood- – his involution and advancement from a Divine Consciousness to Divine Self-Consciousness.