lucky not to have died”

By | December 2, 2016

Yet, what I am attempting to get to is this: all through history, even to incorporate Harvard Law School Simon Greenleaf, showed the dependability of the accounts, Lord Chancellor Hailsham a legal counselor in England, likewise was additionally persuaded of the NT power and unwavering quality, where is the dependability of the Koran? The Islamic heavenly book?

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I’ll attempt to place this basically, there are numerous blunders and scriptural mutilations in the Koran, and most people will concur with this in the event that they consider the both books, and we will likewise concur I think, God does not rouse mistake in His Word? Indeed, even the Muslims I think would concur there are numerous mistakes, unless they are uneducated in their own sacred book. Dr. Robert Morey has demonstrated 100 cases of such mistakes. One specifically, in Sura 11:44, where the Ark of Noah stopped on the highest point of Mt. Judi, now we as a whole know it was on Mt.

Ararat, as the book of scriptures shows. Furthermore, it says Abraham’s dad was Azar (Sura 6:74), not Terah as the Bible instructs, and that the relinquish was to be Ishmael (Sura 37: 100-112), not Isaac, as the Bible says. Furthermore, I could continue endlessly and on, for example, with Mary, the mother of Jesus, Noah’s surge, Mary’s dad’s name is mistaken; they have likewise erroneously analyzed the Book of Genesis wrongly I say in the Koran-alongside numerous more scriptural characters. So what is one to accept? I was become a close acquaintence with by a man numerous years prior, from Saudi Arabia, and we went to the Saudi Arabia club in St.

Paul, Minnesota, by Hamlin University in which he was going to, and I had put my application for graduate studies in there sitting tight for affirmation, in which he and I thought about by perusing each other’s books, and made examinations. Unfortunately however genuine, he would not like to accept what he saw and read, said it was American purposeful publicity yes to be sure, ideal in the Bible.