Magic Prank

By | December 22, 2016

Wow! What a great combination! Russell continued to sing the chorus to Young Love and the medley of poem, Sweet Dreams and Young Love softly faded. Not a group to miss out on opportunity, the band switched gears quickly and rocked the house with Even The Nights Are Better and swiftly followed with Just As I Am.

For anyone who thinks Air Supply is sappy, too much about love songs and old, let me tell you that they are W R O N G! Air Supply rocked the house with these three powerful and energized numbers! I thought the new opening with Even The Nights was hot,Watch video :
Magic Prank by rehanalichohan1981

but now Air Supply has gone and added a whole new dimension to the beginning of their concert. What better way to capture the audience than with forceful, strong and blissful vocals backed by rockin’ guitars, drums and keys? It’s no wonder there isn’t a seat available in the house!

Air Supply played all the favorites, singing Chances, Here I Am, The One That You Love, All Out Of Love, Making Love Out Of Nothing At All and Lost In Love, among others. There were many special moments, and laughs throughout the four shows. The lighting wa