Magic Prank

By | December 22, 2016

gave us some great advice, which was to sit right back near the sound booth. Mohegan Sun’s Cabaret Room is quaint and everyone has a great seat. So for two nights, we chose to sit at the back of the room, right in front of the sound booth, and what we heard was incredible. Balance, power and clarity. It was like listening to a recording and we absorbed every note. Thanks guys!

Each night’s performance in Mohegan Sun’s Cabaret Room was more energized than the night before. Air Supply shows get better and better each time I see them and just when I think I’ve gotten a little tired of the same set list, Graham, Russell, Jed, Jonni and Mike do something different to keep it fresh!

Video Line :

¬†Oddly enough, I recently commented to Graham that I liked one of his new shirts and he said, “Ooh, you’re not paying attention!” Sorry Graham, but me not pay attention? That’s just one thing you can’t accuse me of! New shirts, boots, haircuts, songs, drum beats, oohs, and jokes. We are all paying attention and embrace the variety.

Thanks again to Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni, Mike, Sparky, Brett, Moe, Nate and Mark for giving us that extra something special at the Mohegan Sun. You surprised us all and we were all thrilled to be a part of the experience. My dreams were sweetened and I can’t wa