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By | November 24, 2016

In its uncovered pith, the substance of Pope Benedict XVI’s contention can be summed up in the accompanying syllogism: Islam is confidence without reason; present day secularism is reason without confidence; Christianity is a dynamic wedding of confidence to reason. Both confidence without reason and reason without confidence can be extremely dangerous. Consequently, both Islam and cutting edge secularism ought to gain from Christianity the craft of the common advancement amongst confidence and reason.

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Which, as a matter of fact, sounds in general a tiny bit uneven.So, nonetheless, the exceptional overcompensation of Muslim pioneers and masses the world over to the Pope’s comments demonstrates at the end of the day that Muslims do undoubtedly have an issue with sanity.

It is not by revolting in the city and calling for jihad and the decimation of the Holy See and, truth be told, of all images of Christianity and Judaism that Muslims can would like to re-construct their discolored picture and additionally the correct common foundations, which could have both the ability and power to react viably and measuredly to the difficulties confronting them today.

Misrepresented responses, for example, those to the Pope’s discourse or the ones including the distribution in the Danish daily paper Jyllands Posten some time back of kid’s shows delineating and caricaturizing the Prophet Mohammed mirror the general deficiency of the Islamic State and common associations, which need both the power and the adequacy in managing the apparent difficulties. They likewise mirror the profound numbness of the Islamic masses and their antipathy for everything without exception which they portray as non-Islamic.