Man Splits Into Two Piece

By | December 4, 2016

This book is composed in ten sections, every spreads an alternate issue. As a rule, it is about the groups of Islam, Hijab, principals of Islam, military in Islam, media and Islam, women’s liberation, change, experiencing childhood in America, and legislative issues.

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This book is neither collection of memoirs, despite the fact that in portraying the circumstance of Muslims her encounters are prominent, nor is it an authentic clarification about improvement of Islam, while it contains some foundation from a few issues to get an absolutely more odd American group of onlookers more acquainted with Islam. In this regard, her encounters represent how it resemble to be youthful Muslim and live in America.

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For example, when she likes to state the server in an eatery that she has sensitivity to pork, instead of say she keeps religious eating routine, she infers that even these days it is by one means or another odd for an American to experience exceptional issues, which he would consider as unnatural.She tries to right a few misguided judgments in American personalities.

She endeavors to make Americans trust that what one Muslim does can’t be produced to all of Muslims. In the event that a Muslim does terroristic activities it doesn’t imply that every one of them have aggressive philosophy. She tries to tell that the picture of persecuted Muslim ladies in the brains of the American is wrong, in demonstrating her claim she embodies herself as a female Muslim understudy with feministic thoughts who is living openly.