Mathira’s ITEM SONG in Sahir Lodhi’s Movie

By | December 22, 2016

Since the Islamic law was presented formally in 2001, nobody has been rebuffed for blasphemy.The nearest, being the situation of one Isioma Daniel of “This Day” Newspaper who purportedly cursed Prophet Mohammed in her segment, a fatwa was set on Isioma encouraging Muslims to kill her. Isioma Daniel wrote in an article that prophet Mohammed would have affirmed of Miss World challenge and may have married a glamorous lady.

Such explanation in a religious unstable place like Nigeria is expensive. Along these lines, as was normal, Isioma’s article started up Muslim-Christian uproars in Northern urban areas especially Kaduna, thus, thousands were murdered and property annihilated. Isioma later fled the nation in an offer to spare her life from Muslim fundamentalist.

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The shariah being honed in the North is made to be better than the country’s constitution as government at the inside has not tested it, rather expelled it as Political trick that would soon fail out. A portion of the Northern States have what is known as”hisbah” a device set up to safeguard the reason for Islam and performing comparative capacities with the Nigeria Police Force.

The 19 Northern State Governors have a discussion where they meet every once in a while to take sweeping choice that would be utilized to represent the part states and additionally enhance their economies. It was in 1987 that a Muslim defector, a specific Reverend Bako touched off the ashes of religious uproars when he purportedly made godless references to the Quoran while lecturing his kindred Christians at the College of Education in Northern town of Kafanchan, Kaduna State.

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