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By | January 10, 2017

There is a need to talk about religious issues proactively, in light of a legitimate concern for mankind. It is an extraordinary open door, God has given us. We should not squander it out by demanding accomplishing narrow minded objectives – “my religion, is the best and it must have most astounding number of supporters”.

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7. May God favor the withdrew souls of the staff of Charlie Hebdo. In any case, let us give an idea to burden of self-control, and comprehend the constraints of devotees and activists, who do not have an adjusted perspective of life. How about we not ridicule the out of date and silly customs, when advocates are watching the ceremonies and it doesn’t influence others.

Islamic dread gatherings have many tints and aspects. Some of them are supported by the Pakistan government, in the affectionate trust that they will battle India and wrest Kashmir for Pakistan. This is the bone of dispute as after the vivisection of Pakistan in 1971 and formation of Bangladesh with Indian help, Pakistan needs vindicate. Kashmir is one place they feel that they have a shot with its Muslim lion’s share Population. Tragically the Kashmiri individuals are sensibly content with India and would like to join a partisan culture like Pakistan

However fear bunches can’t be continued a rope and the Pakistan strategy has boomeranged on it. Another more activist and savage Jihadist bunches have developed in Pakistan, who wishes to topple the Pakistan government and set up an Islamic caliphate in light of the Sharia