Miracle of Imam Hussain (R.A)

By | January 15, 2017

As Panetta showed, Iranian and atomic specialists speculate that Iran will accomplish atomic capacity inside a year-perhaps inside months. Furthermore, finally, the Obama organization is presently concurring freely with that appraisal.

George Washington would turn over in his grave if he somehow happened to see the countries we call partners nowadays. He cautioned against having a long haul organization together and subsidizing outside countries, and he cautioned about the potential defilement in our country created by such partnerships. Today we send more cash to the individuals who ought to be considered adversaries then we do the individuals who treat us like a partner ought to.

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Afghanistan needs more cash from us with regards to helping them modify their country, and our Commander and Chief needs to give these assets… What is the point? At the point when President Karzai and the administration with him supposes setting a lady free from ten years of jail, where she was set for being a casualty of assault, just so they could compel her to wed the relative who assaulted her; where is the equity in this?

What is the indicate sending billions of dollars worth of support for Afghanistan when we can’t accomplish more to help the poor ladies and youngsters in their country. We look past this current country’s debasement and go about as though we trust our weapons and cash can settle their country… Are our pioneers’ total blockheads?