Miracle recorded in China

By | January 9, 2017

There is no legitimization for ladies to be canvassed in broad daylight as much as they are in the Muslim confidence. The pitiable picture of glaring separation declared by the head scarf and more regrettable, the berker, is against majority rules system and human rights. While some pronounce they wear it for their religion most are constrained into it by their accomplices or society. Western ladies who upset such manhandle in hundreds of years past feel undermined by governments who neglect to prohibit the practice.

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The wearing of scarves and other head embellishments was normal practice in the Middle Ages. Hollywood accentuates that reality in movies of the periods of individuals like Robyn Hood or the Knights of The Round Table, et cetera. Around then ladies were aggrieved, tormented, and killed as witches in light of the fact that they represented a risk to the religious organization of the Catholic Church.

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Gratefully those days are behind us and we no longer need to fear the results of uncovering our appendages or heads to the world. So why should we permit such a regressive stride to be taken by tolerating the mastery of Muslim ladies by men.

The explanation behind the scarf is the sun love by the Islamic religions of Babylon. There the sun-star, “Mary” (mother’s capable eye), was stylised into a lady whom men thought they could ‘wed’. The images for “her” are the 5-point star and the cross. Both hang over Islam and Christendom as confirmation of their foundations.