Miracle recorded in China

By | January 9, 2017

It cleared out messages to this impact in the predictions: “For your purpose I have sent to Babylon and have cut down every one of their nobles… ” Isaiah 43:14. So it was that in that city that was involved by the Amors the begin of all religions was found in sun-adore and the Mother God, Mary. That name is from ‘mama r-y’ which signifies ‘mother’s effective eye’ and it was the sun-star appeared to me in a dream.

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This was the begin of the stylised lady that has turned into the main divine force of the world. Her image is the 5-point star that sits over the law courts, on the shoulders of commanders, on war apparatus, and on the banner of Islam. She is the motivation behind why ladies are oppressed and why Catholic clerics are as far as anyone knows celebrant.

Chinese doctor grows ear on man’s ARM to… by khabarnamcha

The Amors fabricated Roma (turn around Amor) and as the Romans they proceeded with their malicious ways and spread their religion of Islam over the known world. Constantine set up the Catholic Church in light of it and he set up the picture of Jesus Christ and made Mary the Mother of God. The religion utilized paradise and damnation as weapons of force and control. “

Since no such places exist the possibility of resurrection was prohibited by the Vatican and different religions as it debilitates their survival. The dead, nonetheless, have returned and millions have memory of their past lives and are discussing it on the Internet. That is the Mountain of Truth guaranteed for the most recent days and it is accessible to everybody all over the place, as guaranteed in the Prophecies.