The Miracles of Allah Watch

By | January 25, 2017

Fifth are the long-standing monetary and exchange connects between Southeast Asia and the Middle East. “These are frequently not checked by governments, which has encouraged the exchange of materiel to Southeast Asian gatherings. Criminal action is far reaching in the area and can help a radical gathering.”

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6th is the broad financing of mosques and Madrasas in the area by Saudi Arabia, foundations that advance the Saudis’ hostile to Western and rigid Wahabi order of Islam. “Joined with expanded media reach of satellite TV and the Internet, this makes Southeast Asian Muslims more like their brethren in the Middle East. They come to have a similar attitude toward world issues”( UCLA International Institute, 2004).

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What do the Islamic Extremist Groups Want?. A vital motivation before them is, to construct Islamic states in Southeast Asia, to make Muslim states, to incorporate Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand. Encourage, Develop Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), Destroy Israel, Intimidate Europe, Assault the American individuals, and Blackmail the U.S government into separation.

lastly to make a Dar-ul-Islam or the Land of Islam for Islamists with a worldwide vision. As has been talked about before, disfunctioning of political framework, developing financial emergency, frail fringe security and broad free stream of assets from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations which has made the Southeast Asian area a research facility of Jihad.