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By | February 11, 2017

Furthermore, Muslims nor the Qur’an show that Islam had it’s starting point 1400+ years prior or in the geological region of Arabia. Islam as we are instructed is a guideline of accommodation to the will of the Creator of the sky and the Earth. It is an endless rule that is found in nature, the universe and mankind. It is therefore that we trust every one of the prophets instructed a similar lifestyle accommodation to the will of God.

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The world has underestimated it that Islam is of Arab cause regardless of them just speaking to around 18% of the entirety. Islam is found in the sun complying with the will of the Creator and giving light. Islam is found in the planets skimming in their circle in a systematic manner. Islam is found in the Bee being a Bee. Islam is found in the bear being a bear.

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The individual was made with the way of Islam and to achieve enormity by bowing to the will of the Almighty God Creator ALLAH. This is confirmed in the Holy Qur’an Chapter 30:30. Along these lines, it is for the previously mentioned reasons that we don’t state Islam has an inception other than God himself.

My second explanation behind composing this post is to logically ask the question what is a direct Muslim and why does Islam need to be directed? These announcements are made inferring that Islam or potentially the Holy Qur’an are some inheritantly devilish, threatening or in reverse framework.

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