Mom Caught Son With Girl

By | January 19, 2017

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan amid his address Justifiable Homicide: Black Youth In Peril on October 28, 2007 educated dark youth of the attitude of a few officers, which is established in servitude times.

“I need Black youth to hear this message, since police experts are an indistinguishable today from they were amid bondage. Truth be told, this is the way policing started. Police were shaped to catch runaway slaves, take them back to their lords and make cases of them to toss fear into different slaves. It’s a similar today. Police specialists are prepared to murder, and also to secure… And after that, that deliberative body which is to examine the merciless murder of our kin by investigating the certainties, leaves away calling it legitimate manslaughter.”

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Subsequent to meeting with the group of the casualty, Dr. Muhammad and individuals from the Muhammad Study Group of Pensacola later met with Movement For Change, a nearby social equity gathering, to strategize with coordinators and offer direction from the point of view of the awesome lessons of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad and the Hon. Louis Farrakhan.

Dr. Muhammad had the accompanying to state in regards to this case, “Being a previous cop myself, I know how some supposed interior examinations are truly elastic stamps for the unseemly activities of a few officers. It is my aim to take after the examination nearly and do all that I can to advance a resident survey board later on, so that such activities could be considered responsible and looked into by the nationals in which law requirement officers are vowed to serve.