Mongoose vs Cobra Snake

By | December 6, 2016

There is none flawless with the exception of God, so I am certain in the event that I searched for the awful in Bro. Khalid I could discover it. Nonetheless, I concentrate on the BEST of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad in this composition. This is in accordance with the astuteness of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad wherein he states, “Don’t take the awful side of a thing that appears to us as awful; there is dependably a decent side, it is ideal to take that side.”

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LOVE OF BLACK-The Hon. Louis Farrakhan as of late as last year[2013] expressed to his adherents, “I wish you would love dark individuals the way Khalid Muhammad did.” The Minister has discussed the many occasions of where Bro. Khalid was a partner of dark individuals and this is something we[his followers] need to improve. As a youthful young person transitioning from my obliviousness to a cognizant dark man, Dr.

Khalid Abdul Muhammad propelled me to love dark individuals profoundly and submit my life to their resurrection, restoration and rise.Ordinarily amid my 18 year travel I have confronted serious disappointment as I worked for and among dark individuals. It my profound individual duty to BLACK that keeps me regularly going regardless of my own failure with us now and again.

The main lord of Babylon is the Mother God who bore the name “Mary” which signifies ‘mother’s effective eye’. It was the sun-star represented into a lady whom men could “wed” Mary and ascend to paradise by biting the dust on crosses, one of her images. The other is the 5-point star that sits on the banner of Islam and over the frameworks of the World Order.