Mother forgives her son’s

By | January 22, 2017

Senior sibling, the issue of multi-gathering majority rule government, blue movies, prostitution, drinking brew and liquor and numerous others that are against Islamic civilisation are more mind boggling. Regarding the matter; multi-party majority rules system, Sir I can’t say much in regards to that since I feel the general population ought to choose their pioneers. I think I know your grievance, all pioneers ought to be picked by the Almighty. In any case, I likewise surmise that the voice of the upright lion’s share is a pointer to the will of God.

Erotica, prostitution and liquor addiction are all danger to the general public. They have created more mischief than great. In spite of the fact that our legislature has not made laws that precludes these demonstrations, but rather I exclusively bolster the preclusion of these societal indecencies. All the religions in Nigeria lecture against Pornography, prostitution and liquor abuse.

I additionally propose that we show Nigerians the uplifting news of the Holy Book to maintain a strategic distance from the blending the lessons of the Prophet (s.a.a.w) with parts of the other religion.The murdering of your first pioneer Mallam Yusuf (may God Most High concede him into Paradise) in an unfeeling, evil and malevolent way is exceptionally condemnable.

He was not given reasonable hearing but rather was executed hardheartedly. We are liable of murder. My exclusive remark on this issue is; show kindness, indicate sympathy and pardon us of our wrongdoing. We can’t supplant his life however I know we have learnt our lessons the most difficult way possible.