Mother Pushes Daughter Into Prosti-tution

By | January 10, 2017

From that point, the mosque was revived. Two Shiah Imams, Ali-al-Hadi Hasan-al-Askari have been covered in the hallowed place. Another mosque is additionally worked for Muhammad-al-Mahdi, another Imam. This altar is known as the “Tomb or Mausoleum of the Two Imams”. In the year 2006, the mosque was detonated and its arch was crushed.

The entire mosque was extremely harmed. In 2007, the staying two minarets which flanked the arch were likewise demolished by bombs specifically terminated at them. Later in 2007, the administration of Iraqi remade the mosque. By 2009, the minarets alongside the arch have been modified and the place has been opened to the guests.

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 Mali’s Timbuktu, a Cultural Heritage is being Destroyed-An Islamist volunteer army, Ansar Dine, has been crushing sanctuaries and catacombs in Timbuktu, Mali. This place used to be an awesome learning revolve for Islam some place around fifteenth to sixteenth hundreds of years.

However, attributable to some uncouth and coldblooded hearted individuals, this land, which was once loaded with rich social legacy of Islam, had been colossally destroyed. A great deal of tombs were despoiled in Timbuktu. Ansar Dine is affirmed to have connect with the Al-Qaida. The aggressors tore down old sacred tombs at some Saharan junction called “the city of 333 holy people”.

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