A Muslim in America Created an Example

By | February 10, 2017

Dichotomizing our confidence has driven us to a kind of schizophrenic methodology while we contend about whiskers and burqas, yet participate in fratricide. We denounce ethnic profiling while being fixated on status and ethnicity. We build masaajid in America and call them Afghani Masjids or Arab Masjids.

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Indeed, even as of this written work, calls for jihad against America in the event that she assaults Iran are radiating from the minbars of the world however did requires the suspension of threats amongst Iran and Iraq have a similar reverberation amid that loathsome war which brought about the loss of more than 1,000,000 Muslims?

The Turkish government has as of late affirmed making military invasions into Kurdish controlled zones of northern Iraq. Are there calls against Turkey not to assault the Kurds? It is safe to say that we are stating that non-Muslims are not permitted to damage our holiness while we routinely abuse it ourselves?

The subjective utilization of Islamic standards has its outcome and maybe that would clarify why Muslim life, Muslim social orders and Muslim holiness are underestimated on the world stage. Under use of Islamic standards and the degrading of Muslim respect and renown are inseparably associated;