Muslims disrespected in India

By | December 26, 2016

Therefore different types of Paganism continued mushrooming in better places and at various circumstances without clear direction about “right” and “wrong” in religion.

Sinister double dealings in religion continue as “covered secret” in the Mythological yarns (i.e. fashioning heaps of truth). This has been further validated when Adam Weishaupt, the author of the Illuminati, composes, “Of the considerable number of means I know to lead men, the most solid is a disguised puzzle. The craving of the brain is overwhelming; and if once a man has taken it into his head that there is a secret in a thing, it is difficult to get it out, either by contention or experience.

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And afterward, we can so change ideas by just changing a word. What more vile than devotion; yet call it excitement; then include the little word respectable, and you may lead him over the world.” But such surreptitious mode is absolutely contrary with straight Path of God’s picked Prophets; subsequently we observe that Satan’s religious trickeries emerge only by means of agnostic virtuosos who rise by dismissing the Prophets of God.

Elitism of such virtuosos has lifted up in all ages either by denying God or by debasing God – and definitely their goals get uncovered at whatever point they have attempted to convey something in religion appropriate from old polytheism down to advanced polytheism, theosophy, otherworldly experiences or “sanity” under guises of opportunity of considering’ and so forth. And every one of their innovations are perpetually parasitical – on the grounds that they get-up-and-follow knowing ‘what to deny’.