Muslims disrespected in India

By | December 26, 2016

Mme Blavatsky had admittance to the “Book of Dzyan” that has a place with pre-human custom; from that point she composed ‘The Secret Doctrine’. It is not hard to imagine from her book how pre-human Jinns have had the information of early creational ventures before mankind (Insaan) which they say as Lunar pitris.

Sweat-conceived, and Egg-conceived and so on and an extraordinary arrangement about Chohans (masters in Tibetan), Pitris (Skt. fathers), Jivas (Skt. spirits), Prana (to inhale), bhuta (ghost), Monad (Ätma-Budhhi) and so on – however we get no reasonable essentialness of the Creator God.

This recommended the ‘God denying’ method of pre-human Jinns which had been kept up till today by means of progressive products of agnostic virtuosos. The early effect of Satanic mode could be assessed from the aging movements of false god-hoods (polytheism) around the globe – where none of their heavenly nature could express the totality of the Divine.

The procedure of agnostic worships envelops practically every part of known fields: heavenly manifestations (sun, moon, and stars and so on); the nature and common occasions (arrive, mountain, ocean, lightning, thunders, storm, seismic tremor, plants and creatures and so forth); necessities (medication, agribusiness, farming, chasing, collect, blending, marriage, labor, fruitfulness, riches and satisfaction and so on); innovative aptitudes (music, expressions and information and so forth); ponders (space science, soothsaying, enchantment and witchcraft and so forth).