Muslims do not feat death and afterlife

By | January 11, 2017

Advance and learning that is procured by the work of others just expands on a similar establishment. On the off chance that that isn’t right then so are the majority of the standards by which cutting edge social orders work.

The letter [G] gets from the circle encasing the cross. This is the most seasoned religious image found to date (400,000 years prior in Tata, Hungary) and it was scribed on a nummulite fossil. In my translation it signifies “god” or place where the sun-god was watched. ‘G-o-g’ signifies ‘lord of god’ or the Son of God.

The man an alleged attacker was apprehended by… by khabarnamcha

By complexity “mama” signifies “mother” in each dialect. ‘Mama gog’ signifies ‘mother-the lord of god’ or ‘mother God’. She is likewise called ‘el-an’ or ‘divine force of force, which is the cause of “Allah”

There are two Gods at work on the planet. The Spirit is the genuine God. The other is the sun-divine force of Islam. The last title signifies ‘eye of light-mother god’ and its birthplace is the primary mammoth of Revelation, the child of Abraham – Ismal ruined to Ishmal. In another frame it Is-lam.