Muslims sacrifice life for Islam

By | January 9, 2017

Everything in prescience is working out as the arrangement of God happens as intended. The point was to bring about murkiness over the world so that the brilliant light conveyed by these disclosures will infiltrate the haziness and the bogus lords of religions show up for what they are – feeble.

Sent to Babylon to find the establishment of the divider drove me to the Mother God of Islam – the sun. Demonstrated how words break separated into their unique parts and sentences uncovered that ‘I-s-l-m’ signifies ‘eye of light-god mother’. In another shape it is ‘I-s-mama el’ or ‘eye of light-mother god’. The begin of religion was here in this city that was possessed by the Amors.

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They likewise constructed Roma (switch Amor) and one of them was Constantine who set up the Catholic Church in 325 AD in light of Islamic standards. He set up the picture of Jesus Christ and reestablished the Mother God of Babylon as the Mother of God. Her name ‘mama r-y’ signifies ‘mother’s effective eye’ and her images are the privilege calculated cross and the 5-point star. He likewise constructed the Vatican as a parliament to control his realm.

The Vatican then delegated Augustine to frame the Muslim branch of it and this he did through Mohamed, the accomplice of a parishioner, whom he prepared as a prophet. All religions depend on a similar god, that is the sun named Mary.