Muslims sacrifice life for Islam

By | January 9, 2017

Individuals are inquiring as to why? They are likewise looking for arrangements. Governments are in a turn to give them in light of the fact that their re-races rely on upon fulfilling their groups and wellbeing and security is high on their psyches. Cash is additionally assuming a key part the same number of the focused on are in wealthier nations with the casualties originating from the all the more well-to-do social orders.

The inquiries asked are for what valid reason now and why is God permitting these things to happen, particularly when numerous who are executed or harmed are god-dreading individuals. The answers are not what they anticipate.

Taking after my rebirth and with a solid connection to the Spirit of the Universe, the genuine God, it dispatched me to tear down the mass of perplexity and acquire the reap.

Throughout the following months and after that years the Spirit gave me different commissions as it filled me with information and guided me to tell the world. It gave the Mountain of God or Mount Zion for the work to be distributed and that is the Internet, guaranteed to show up in the most recent days (Micah 4:1).