By | January 24, 2017

Judaism is sitting tight for Elijah and Messiah Ben Joseph to come, the first to set straight the route for Yahweh and the second to accumulate every one of the children of Israel, Christianity is sitting tight for the Two observers to come and affirm of the Messiah Yahushua for a long time and a half and after that we have Islam which is sitting tight for their “savior” figure called the Mahdi who is coming to make war against the countries for the sake of Allah and who readies the path for Jesus referred to them as Isa.

Something that will make this three Religions shake, will be the two individuals sent by Satan in these last days to mimic this two individuals the world is hoping to come and set things straight for the sake of the Most High, the general population will dismiss the two genuine “prophets” sent by Yahweh and acknowledge those sent by Satan, brought in the Bible, the first and second mammoth.

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Something that individuals need to see additionally is that as far back as the primary happening to the Messiah, everything that occurred before physically, or as some say in the normal, would start showing in the otherworldly, everything that was, is the thing that will be, the end will resemble the starting, and so on.

Individuals NEED to overlook the wrong understandings advanced by the tainted principles, and let the Spirit of Truth lead them, that was the distinction amongst Yahuwshua and the Jews when he came, they were expecting a physical kingdom yet Yahuwshua came offering a profound one, however they didn’t need that.