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By | December 7, 2016

As the maker of wickedness one ought to take a gander at the enormous pulverization in progress as of now and inquire as to why? In a few nations homes are raised to the ground by falling bombs, individuals are torn separated physically, inwardly, and rationally and nobody is protected. Sickness and starvation is tearing through different countries where the hungry are eating weeds and grass to remain alive. In different spots surges, seismic tremors, avalanches, super flames and tornadoes are among a portion of the lethal occasions executed by God.

Integral to all is the frequently held conviction that non-existent divine beings, for example, fallen angels or evil spirits, are to be faulted while others can be appealed to for mending the issues. The differentiation is once in a while addressed.

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With a solid connection to the Spirit and commissions to discover the answers drove me back to the begin of the Islamic religion in Babylon. Here Ismal, the child of Abraham (O-b-ra-mama) went forward into the wild as a toxophilite, that is a seeker and executioner (Genesis 21:20). I-s-mama el deciphers as ‘eye of light-mother god’ and is the sun. In another shape it is “Islam” and a belief system that spread all through the world as his kin, the Amors, wandered forward.

In Babylon they assembled the ziggurat, as a stairway to paradise (Genesis 11:4-8) and at its pinnacle the sun-star framed through an opening. It was titled ‘Mama r-I’, which deciphers as ‘Mother’s effective eye’.

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