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By | December 25, 2016

It was 1979 and the Soviet Union had recently attacked Afghanistan. Their paratroopers arrived in Kabul and seized control of the legislature and their armed force filled the nation. The explanation behind the intrusion was to help the legislature of the time in their battle against the Mujahedeen, a gathering of Islamic “opportunity warriors” restricting the administration of President Amin, a Marxist-Leninist.

As a decent Marxist ought to, Amin was contradicting the religious foundation in Afghanistan. Sadly for him, the country was (and is) truly Islamic. A guerrilla war resulted. There was a bargain set up from a few years earlier that permitted the Soviets to enter the nation upon the demand of the legislature. The Kremlin utilized this arrangement as a justification for the attack of the nation. Before long, they executed President Amin and supplanted him with a president more to their loving.

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This all happened at the tallness of the icy war and the U.S. seen this attack as either a Soviet land snatch or a chance to spring a trap on the Soviet Union like the experience we had as a country in Vietnam.

With a specific end goal to do this, we went to the insight administrations of our “partners ” in the district, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The Saudi’s given the cash while the Pakistan ISI (Pakistan’s knowledge benefit) composed and passed weapons to the Mujahedeen to help them in battling the Soviets. CIA officers helped with nation in organizing the revolutionaries to get weapons and specialized support to contradict the Soviets.