No true Muslim can do this to respectable Women

By | December 23, 2016

A similar thing will happen amongst Israel and Syria, unless Israel’s pioneers will be sufficiently brilliant to request this acknowledgment to be one of the conditions for a peace bargain between the two states.The abundance, which has been offered to us by Almighty Allah, is our Muslim Identity. Our definitive shield is the bona fide and holy book of Holy Quran; a lighting up guide which stays immaculate till the end of time.

Is there anybody other than Allah who supports, consoles, and addresses your each issue? Who pardons and neglects your issues? Who brings you through your tough circumstances and weakens or even turns away your trial on your negligible inquiring? Who awards you knowledge, privileges of expression, the right to speak freely and opportunity of investigate.

Without a doubt, non other than Allah, who has made us and has given us the title of Ashraful Makhlukaat. At that point, would it be a good idea for us to not bow down and express our regard and appreciation towards Him? Alternately is it just these lower manifestations that bear an imbued manners to state Thank you?

Out of the five mainstays of Islam we find that the word Salat is the most regularly said of the five. The word Salat is said a sum of 67 times in the Quran. The Salat gives the support required by our souls and is a certain technique for accomplishing exemplary nature and proximity to our Creator.