Non Muslim sister accepts Islam

By | December 25, 2016

A fascinating perception is that inside the Islamic religion, Muslims trust that Jesus the prophet (not the Son of God) will come back with the Mahdi. In his book, The Islamic Antichrist, Joel Richardson clarifies, “In both stories, Jesus returns. On the scriptural side, Jesus comes back to convey His kin from being abused. On the Islamic, a Muslim Jesus tells the Christians of the world, ‘You’ve had it wrong from the beginning. I never said God was my dad. I never passed on the cross.” One would surmise that such a declaration would send shockwaves all through the universe of Christianity.

Keep in mind, Apostle John’s vision demonstrates the False Prophet “talking like a monster” implying that he will be an exceptional speaker with an astounding ability to make his misleading untruths seem like the supreme truth. Some claim that an invalidly chose.

Pope will announce such lies yet nobody knows for beyond any doubt who or how the False Prophet will bring the whole world under one flag of religion. It is essential to test each and every soul, word, and conviction that is in opposition to the Word of God-particularly with respect to the divinity of Jesus Christ.

I would call this article, “Unbelievers, Free Thinkers and Godless Heathens Seeking Principles For Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion.” And that would just have been section one! I have a considerable measure to state on this point – one of my interests.