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By | December 18, 2016

As per researchers, the Prophet Mohammed was conceived in 570 A.D. furthermore, kicked the bucket in 632 A.D. The Sunnis trust that Mohammed kicked the bucket without picking a successor. The Shi`a, evaluated at 15% of all Muslims, trust that Mohammad delegated “Ali” to be his immediate successor, the primary Imam, with a genetic relative chain of “Twelve Imams.” This is one principal contrast amongst Sunni and Shi`a Muslims over which they proceed to attack and butcher each other.

Bunch complexities and contrasts in Islam make my head turn; for those I concede to devotees and researchers. The historical backdrop of Islam is captivating. The more I read the less I know. I figure, why does it matter whether I comprehend it all or not. Aren’t my duty dollars paying for the specialists to know our adversaries?

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Jeff Stein is the national security proofreader at Congressional Quarterly (see his New York Times segment on the web). Without my specifying names, Mr. Stein expounds on a progression of meetings he did with imposing (he names them) Washington counterterrorism authorities CIA, FBI, NSA, et al and individuals from Congress who manage our spy organizations. He asked these individuals the accompanying inquiry:

“Do you know the contrast between a Sunni and a Shi`a Muslim?” No one knew! Stein asked whether Iran was Sunni or Shiite. Beside dubious answers, nobody knew! This from the specialists we rely on upon for that information and substantially more.