Overseas Sacrificial Camel

By | January 3, 2017

In what capacity can the examination of Postmodernism be connected to Politics? Governmental issues is moving towards a circumstance which can be characterized as Geo-Political, bursts and joys. Above all else I might want to explain what is Geo-Political-Rupture? Geo-Political-Rupture is brought about by the enthusiast edges of society, particularly the individuals who need to advance the reason for Jihad-Islam.

These individuals propagate Jihadocausts (another term begat from Jihad and Holocaust) that is enjoying psychological warfare and murder. On the off chance that these individuals prevail in their endeavors, development would make retrograde stride. What is the reason for Geo-Political-Rupture? Devotee Muslims have not been weaned and they exist in the condition of fearing their religious phallic father.

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Devotee Muslims or the Jihadis have not aced their oedipal clashes and wants and their oedipal fixations are changed unintelligibly by the dread of maiming of the Holy Father into instruments of abuse. By what means can Geo-Political-Rupture be countered politically?

Western majority rules systems are utilizing military techniques however a more radical penicillin for the Jihad venom is radical and liberal proselytizing of Islam. Liberal proselytizing of Islam would spare the succeeding eras from taking the sword and getting to be Nazis of Islam.