Shamfullness on peak in Hum tv drama

We need to re-apply the standards of morals, ethical quality, class and most profound sense of being. The test is; first we should apply it to ourselves, our nations, our groups, our masaajid and our own families.Religious pomposity and limited focus patriotism needs to take a rearward sitting arrangement to guideline and Islamic world morals.… Read More »

A Muslim in America Created an Example

At that point is it just a part of the Book that ye have faith in, and do ye dismiss the rest? however, what is the reward for those among you who carry on like this yet disrespect in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they should be committed to the most terrible… Read More »

Devyani khobragade Indian diplomat

Each time we point our finger at the world, there are fingers pointed appropriate back at us.We indicate debasement while we neglect to see the defilement in our own particular social orders. We point at narrow mindedness and neglect to see our own particular intra-religious bigotry. When we point at unbridled realism, we don’t have… Read More »

Fish that can also fly

Let there emerge out of you a band of individuals welcoming to all that is great, charging what is correct, and precluding what isn’t right: They are the ones to accomplish felicity.”3:104There must be a minimum a gathering of the Muslims who are occupied with the act of urging what is correct and denying what… Read More »

Irresponsible behavior of local man

While on the Muslim marital match-production site, clients can transfer their photos for others to see. These destinations have exceptionally strict security arrangements with respect to their clients. They give assistance and investigating administrations both on the phone and also on email. In the event that you are keen on knowing more about somebody, you… Read More »

War crimes of Indian army reported

Most Muslim dating locales scores strong and high checks for their clever introduction yet miss it some way or another in the zone of managing the bigger Muslim people group. Individuals utilize dating destinations to meet Muslim singles, Muslim singles looking for marriage, Muslim friend through correspondence or Muslim companions. A masterminded marriage was the… Read More »

Man comes out of shark alive

I would examine different issues which world pioneers needed to consider while managing Muslims in future.Muslim dating has been made less demanding and all the more benevolent through the Muslim singles dating destinations. They are quickly developing marital destinations for Sunni and Shia singles. It is extremely conceivable to meet perfect Muslim singles over the… Read More »

What kind of freedom it is?

Four; Muslims ought to quit considering uncontrolled developing populace not by the will of God but rather because of their desire. Consistently birth of a recently conceived kid is ascribed to the will of the God and not claim sexual desire. I had lived with a Muslim couple in Sri Lanka who had thirty youngsters.… Read More »

Girls and Boys of Pakistan Enjoying

Why ISI had picked Afghan-Pakistan outskirt regions as sheltered paradise for OBL is extremely apparent from ISI scandalous plan of playing twofold standard diversion with USA. ISI is certain that USA will never have the capacity to capture outlaw OBL without Pakistan help, consequently, the whole Pakistani government apparatus is endeavoring hard and fast endeavors… Read More »

Zulm Ki Intiha Dekhein

The assault had shaken the Americans as well as constrained the Western Nations to see developing Islamic Fundamentalist and Terrorists Threat (IFTT) to the world Peace at the transnational levels. Why Islamic psychological oppressors had cooked 3037 blameless regular folks alive could never be known to the friends and relatives of dead individuals? Is Pakistan… Read More »