Pakistani Camel makes Indian Camel

By | December 4, 2016

As to, she believes that a noteworthy inclusion in American governmental issues is choosing Muslim congressional delegate. What’s more, the motivation behind why Muslims don’t partake enthusiastically in legislative issues in her view is “on account of they are exasperates by overpowering U.S. arrangement against Muslims, particularly the verifiable absence of support for Palestinians.” (P.152) Then she proceeds with the exercises of Muslim establishments like AMA, MPAC and AMC not to leave a frustrating picture in this part.

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Feedback and assessmentAs indicated by Hasan”… this book is about different Muslims like me, who are living as American and Muslim and making sense of their soul and way of life as we come.” Her claim that her book is about almost six million different Muslims who live in America and all resemble her is suspected.

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I think as there are such a large number of understandings, philosophies and ways of life identified with Islam in the United States, it is a major dare to imagine that every one of them think like her or even live in the conditions like hers, in light of the fact that treating with minorities is diverse in various parts of America.

What I can state at first is that I feel that the title of this book, “American Muslims”, is not suitable by any stretch of the imagination. Hasan is a young woman who portrays her own particular impression of Islam thus she is not allowed, to my view, to produce what she supposes to all Muslims who live in America.