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By | December 2, 2016

Abbottabad is a prominent summer resort that can be found toward the end of Murree-Abbottabad slope tract. Discover your place to rest in its pine-secured slopes, rich stops and plants, and great greens. Go here and find the door driving you to your next experience rally point.

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Situated in the Karakoram Range close to the Indian outskirt and southeast of Skardu, Deosai National Park is situated in one of the most elevated levels on the planet – the Deosai fields. Doesai National Park serves as home for the Himalayan cocoa bear, ibexes, red foxes, wolves, urials, snow panthers, and some local and transitory feathered creatures. Go to the Deosai Plains and experience nature as it spreads out 13,500 feet above ocean level.

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Established some time in the sixth or seventh century BC, Taxila is an old city and a middle for Buddhist learning. A 30-kilometer drive northwest from Islamabad will take you back in the seasons of unbelievable warrior pioneers like Alexander the Great, Asoka and Kanishka. Pursue the trail around this old city and find religion, culture, convention and history as it exposed itself for you.

Hunza Valley is situated in the Northern Areas of Pakistan with a height of somewhere in the range of 2 438 meters. This makes Hunza Valley a place for survey probably the most amazing and grand mountains the world has. Take a trek to this valley and see the views that continue uncovering themselves with your own eyes.

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