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By | December 26, 2016

Defilement of “Paradise’s Truth”Pre-human Jinns used to take the privileged insights of paradise (Q, 72:8) and with this appropriated information they created God denying crystal gazing with multitudinous divine beings, goddesses and stars as the leaders of grand and natural marvels – who choose the predetermination of individuals and social orders, as opposed to laws of God to give man the ability to learn and utilize normal wonders beneficially.

Their insufficient information conveyed to man as visionary space science turns out to be out of the religious settings and bent more with deceptions than are rectified with truth. After making of Adam the Prophetic religion of God started, however Satan’s Paganism then got to be distinctly parasitic upon a few parts of Prophetic religion.

The glaring illustration is the ‘Sanctuary of God’ that started since the season of Prophet Adam; and in world after the Flood – the sanctuary and the sacrosanct stone of Ka’ba have been the essential parts of Prophetic religions. Such sanctuaries are not found as the essential strong point of remotely old Pagans – however old fashioned ‘stone societies’ and megalithism are scattered far and wide.

Presently as we think about the later age sanctuary societies of Prophetic religion of the Semites and polytheistic Pagans, different charming parallels between them propose that Paganism embraced the sanctuary culture from Prophetic convention – yet filling their sanctuaries with pictures, symbols and astral divinities that are just false divine beings and ‘not the God’.