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By | December 5, 2016

I will keep on being drenched in the historical backdrop of Timbuktu until the circumstance in Mali changes. To study Timbuktu is to better comprehend the exceptional juncture of individuals and occasions, the crash of Europe and Africa, that made the landmass I have acquired. To study Timbuktu is to put resources into Mali’s future, for it has never been more critical for the individuals who adore Mali and her eminent and strange City of Gold to see plainly the amount Timbuktu’s available is the result of its past.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad showed us we can’t precisely judge a man’s life while they are yet living, since life is about change, move and development. Once the period consummation of life has come we can then do a reversal and inspect their life and decide their esteem.

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It is not my place to appoint esteem to my late sibling, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, in any case, amid this season of recognition of him on the event of his introduction to the world commemoration, I might want to express what he intended to my life as a Black man, Muslim, lobbyist and friend in need to dark individuals.

The Yorouba Proverb states, ‘On the off chance that you eat well, you should talk well’ which shows us the significance of demonstrating appreciation to other people who impart to us. My sibling, Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad, was one of the individuals who bolstered me exceptionally well in my development into cognizance, so I will dependably say nothing but good things about him and respect his name in my family unit.

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