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By | December 8, 2016

They need the Messiah to do this by announcing that they and only they are the picked individuals and that their religion and their religion alone is immaculate and consummate. They need the Messiah to change the course of history without evolving anything. They need the Messiah to overcome the world, including God’s other 2 religions, God’s other 2 kids, for their gathering, as Psalm 2 guarantees. This didn’t occur when Jesus was here last time and it never will. Who might need a genocidal sovereign of peace? God cut in stone “Don’t Murder!”

The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion has found the world peace recipe talked by God of Mount Sinai through the mouths of each and every Biblical Prophet in the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Koran and each religion ever. That equation is the single word of God of Mount Sinai, “10ve”.

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It is the antitoxin to the atomic equation E= MC squared. Christianity Islam and Judaism purged as God of Mount Sinai charged through each and every Biblical Prophet particularly Jesus Christ down to “10ve” is The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion. Divine force of Mount Sinai said that on the off chance that we take after this one single word “10ve” we would survive and in the event that we didn’t then we would all die in the fire.

On the off chance that you seek “joins Christianity Islam Judaism” there are 1,000 outcomes all from The Temple of Love. Shockingly the general population of Earth will never hear the single word of their God of Mount Sinai in light of the fact that the prevailing press is anxious

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