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By | December 8, 2016

It is currently November 2, 2006 two thousand years after the fact. Christianity Islam and Judaism are quickly driving every one of us into eradication in atomic world war 3 and its result atomic winter then bright summer. They in a matter of seconds have every one of us involved in an overall Crusade, Jihad and Middle East Crisis. They are all sitting tight for the Messiah to land on a flying steed from Heaven and convey peace to Earth.

This is a correct rehash of 2,000 years back when the Jewish individuals trusted Psalm 2 of the Old Testament now took after by Christianity Islam and Judaism that the Messiah would come and overcome their oppressors the Roman Empire and the whole world for them as God of Mount Sinai otherwise known as Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit, God the Father, Allah, Adonai, Hashem had helped Moses and the Jewish slaves vanquish their Egyptian oppressors and part the Red Sea and suffocate the Egyptian armed force in it. Rather than vanquishing the Roman Empire without even a second’s pause Jesus said a couple words on a mountain which prompted to the Holy See in Rome and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Divine force of Mount Sinai has now supplanted the brilliant dairy animals of Mount Sinai for 3 billion Christians Muslims and Jews.

Today the predominant press is possessed by Christians Muslims and Jews. Their supporters and publicists are Christians and Muslims and Jews. These religions need the Messiah to change the world from war into peace.