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By | December 1, 2016

Subsequent to building up the verification that polygyny is reasonable, how about we take a gander at the knowledge behind it. Polygyny considers more kids to be conceived, which thus raises the measure of the ummah (group). The ummah, with an extensive populace, will have numerous specialists, warriors, educators, and so on. Essentially, more individuals equivalents more flourishing, the spread of Islam, and more noteworthy guard for the ummah.

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Man, as per his fitrah (normal manner), is loaded with craving, and sex is the main halal (legal) outlet for these goals. A few men may have more craving than others, thus one spouse may not fulfill him. In the event that polygyny isn’t permitted, he may take part in an extramarital entanglements and wind up harming his better half and his officially glad marriage. How frequently has an occurrence like this been seen on TV, perused about in the daily paper, or found out about through loved ones? On the off chance that men in numerous nations can have the same number of lady friends as they like, and have sexual relations with them, then why are individuals so contradicted to having different spouses? Lady friends are not permitted in Islam, but rather the idea still remains – having sexual relations with more than one accomplice is typical, so having more than one spouse is fine moreover.

In proportion, there are a larger number of ladies than men, and the Quran expresses that close to the end of times, there will be fifty ladies to one man. On the off chance that plural marriage isn’t permitted, take a gander at what number of spouses there would be without husbands.

What’s more, in times of war, the men go and battle, abandoning their spouses. This diminishes the quantity of men, and if polygyny isn’t permitted, there would be numerous forlorn dowagers.As per the fitrah of ladies, they have less longing than men, thus don’t require as much sex as a man does.

Moreover, if a lady were to have more than one spouse, she won’t not know who is the father of her kid. What’s more, men are by nature more fierce and defensive with regards to ladies, such a large number of battles would happen in the event that one lady was to have more than one spouse. So it is the obligation of the man to deal with his spouses, similarly, which is another part of the fitrah of people.