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By | January 8, 2017

It was likewise an awesome riddle as it vanishes around evening time and return the morning the other way. That inferred it passed on and after that set out through the earth to restore the following day.

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From these ideas came religions and love of the sun as ‘mary’, which signifies ‘mother’s intense eye’. The Assyrians assembled a city to “her” named Mary and men chose they could “wed” her and live everlastingly in her ‘kingdom’. On their passing they too needed to set out through the underground to restore with her. That is the reason the ‘Ruler’s Prayer’ states “he plummeted into damnation and rose again on the third day’.

Three turned into a holy number in old circumstances as there were three sections to the Mother God: the earth, the sun, and the light (or soul). This was the Trinity from which Christianity couldn’t get away. The last began from the Catholic Church when it was set up by Constantine in 325. Examine uncovered he was dropped from the Amor (invert Roma) who were domain developers.

He set up the picture of Jesus Christ and restored Mary as the Mother of God and the primary persona of love in his religion. “Jesus” is from ‘I-s’ which signifies ‘eye of light’ and multiplied it is “Issi” or ‘Isis’.