Pakistani Singer faces criticism

By | January 22, 2017

As indicated by the more famous variants of the legend, in the wake of catching wind of the ocean evil presence upon his entry, Abdul Barakath volunteered to be bolted inside the sanctuary. He spent the whole night recounting verses from the Quran (the Islamic sacred book). At the point when the evil presence came to claim his casualty he heard the Quranic verses being perused and he fled never to be gotten notification from again.

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After the evil spirit neglected to show up for the following two months the King grasped Islam and solicited the rest from the country to do as such also. This was on the second of the Islamic month of Rabi-al-Akhir, and the day was commended for the following fourteen years before the practice was surrendered. The act of praising the day Maldives grasped Islam was restarted a few centuries later in 2001.

The Medhu Ziyaaraiy Shrine, in Malé, Maldives, is the tomb of Moroccan researcher Abdul Barakath Yusuf al Barbaree, who is accepted to have acquainted Islam with the island country in 1153 AD. The nearby legends recount the tale of an antiquated ocean evil presence, Rannamaari, who threatened the residents of Maldives quite a while back. This was amid the manage of King Theemuge Mahakalaminja.

The general population brought to the table a give up to the evil presence every month or endure its anger. The relinquish would be picked by the King every month and was bolted inside a deserted sanctuary during the evening. The picked relinquish would be dead by morning.