Pakistani society has gone corrupt

By | January 9, 2017

For instance, there was no understanding of “comma” that time. We can embed “commas” now in the sacred writings, which will help us to comprehend the sacred texts quicker and better, however the thought was vetoed down, by Sikh people group. Give Sikhism a chance to be a dynamic religion, which grants discussions,and its religious pioneers endure discord, without dangers, similar to “fatwa” of Muslim religious pioneers.

Ladies. While ladies have measure up to rights in Sikhism, they were formally permitted, to present religious songs, in principle Gurdwaras, only 2-3 years back. Indeed, even from that point forward, till date, women haven’t performed in the Golden Temple, considered the most sacrosanct sanctuary of Sikhism.

Along these lines, the old customs go ahead. Sikhs need to proactively, spur, and welcome, committed women to discuss religious hymns in the Golden Temple. It will be an incredible noteworthy stride in the chronicles of Sikhs history. Drinks. Sikhs appreciate drinks, despite the fact that Sikhism doesn’t support it.

The reason could be: “tobacco” is particularly restricted in sacred writings, yet alcohol is most certainly not. It goes under bland boycott: anything which brings about individuals getting tranquilized is wrong. Presently Sikh youth in Punjab are experiencing the surge of medications Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Religious lessons have neglected to check drinking propensities for Sikhs.