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By | January 14, 2017

I am requesting that all Muslims be deferential visitors and regard the guidelines of the host nation who has invited you, gave you a superior personal satisfaction, the advantages, administrations and benefits that accompany having a western visa, and quit requesting that your liberal hosts change the way they live. This is extremely poor adab and will return sharpness and disdain, as should be obvious.

Obviously no nation will make certifiable move for the basic reason that they are extremely terrified of fierce repercussions, and which is all well and good. This substantial dread itself legitimizes my point.

How can it be that the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews and numerous different religions who have moved don’t make requests on the host nation to change the way the hosts live? Another more vital question is the reason no progressions have been made to suit those religions?

The reason is exceptionally basic, they don’t represent the danger of savagery if the host nation does not accommodate. Here again we have additional confirmation that these are not thankful visitors yet rather rough aggressors, which should be placed in their place for the locals of the land.