Pilot proposes air hostess during flight

By | January 11, 2017

This agnostic ceremony was so much a piece of society that it was known far and wide. It commended the arrival of the ‘eye-star’ or ‘i-star’ from which Easter was determined. It was the Mother God of Babylon which showed up through little gaps or openings as the awesome arrangement of shaded lights that are in never-ending movement showed as circles. Vital to it is the privilege calculated cross. It was to this that a dream drove me when charged to take God off the cross.

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In it a gathering were remaining on a slope gazing at a stone with an opening pointed towards dawn. As the beams of light entered the opening the awesome star showed up. It was great and the general population were overpowered. Holed rocks of a similar sort have been found as standing stones all through Europe while in the Americas seeing stages where “she” showed up are set apart with crosses encased in at least one circles.

This is an all inclusive image and even Australian natives, who isolated nearly 60,000 years prior, utilize it in their outlines. The American Plains Indians in like manner and they were watched killing men by the soonest western landings. Cortez made a note in his letters that the Mexican Aztecs and others had taken in the Catholic religion from the fallen angel and this legitimized their genocide.

Much sooner than Christianity was set up it was a piece of the Roman religion. On the Ides of March, 7 days before the equinox a band of men called the Proletariat chose men to bite the dust on the 22nd March to be the following father god in paradise. Such a man was dealt with as a divine being and gotten extensive measures of favors and blessings from those needing to be recollected when he was so initiated.

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On the cross he was the “bull” whose soul ascended through the opening as the sun star blurred and restored with her into the sky. That gap is, along these lines, the ‘pinpoint center’. The term bull is in “bullion” for the most valuable mineral and a ‘bull-i-ton’, got from ‘pinpoint center cross of quality’, as per my etymological research, is a message stick. The Vatican issues an ecclesiastical bull which has similar essences.

The bull is additionally ‘o-x’ which gets from ‘circle’s cross’ and the marriage to the ‘i-star’ or ‘i-quin’ is the starting point of the term ‘equin-bull’. “Quin” additionally signifies “five” and the five-pointed star is regularly found set up of the cross as her image. It is the state of the star sitting in the arms of the bow moon on the banner of Islam and the Catholic Church was built up by Constantine, whose religion was Islam, in 325 AD at the Council of Nicaea.

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