Poor woman Protests for Life

By | January 29, 2017

In one close considerably destroyed building, gutted by flame, lies the fly-passed up a plaid mat. In another we found the remaining parts of 23-year-old Ashraf Abu Hejar underneath the remnants of a fire-darkened room that broken down on him in the wake of being hit by a rocket. His head is contracted and darkened. In a third, five long-dead men lay under covers.

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A calm. miserable looking young fellow called Kamal Anis drove us over the no man’s land, littered now with rubbish of what were once families, froth elastic, torn garments, shoes, tin jars, youngsters’ toys. He all of a sudden ceased. This was a mass grave, he stated, indicating.

Israel was all the while attempting to hide these scenes yesterday. It had rejected section to Red Cross ambulances for almost seven days, infringing upon the Geneva Convention. Recently it kept on attempting to keep us out.

Jenin, in the northern end of the involved West Bank, remained a shut military zone, was ringed Merkava tanks, armed force Jeep watches, and heavily clad work force transporters. Correspondents discovered attempting to get in were escorted out. A day prior the Israeli military took in a couple chose columnists to see disinfected parts of the camp. We just strolled over the fields, fluttered through an olive plantation ignored by two Israeli tanks, and into the camp itself.