Prank Gone Wrong

By | December 8, 2016

The one thing that I have seen is that, Medina is a blessed place and the nearness of the power that be can be felt and it truly makes one self profound on the grounds that there is a stream of inspiration of the place to oneself. This stream makes ponder when absorbed. It makes one self humble, It quiets the internal hostility of one self, It is in a reflective state where one’s brain gets to be distinctly neglectful and one accomplishes most profound sense of being immediately. Such is the power, or one may state, the nature of that place.

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The pioneers coming back from this place after the end of the exhausting 40days hajj begins quarreling when they board the airplane over technicalities. I ask why they can’t carry with them the positive vitality and all that they have learnt and drilled for the 40 long days. Some way or another and some place the idea of profound and deep sense of being is lost.

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In overwhelming Western religions the Divine is worshiped as Father yet not as Mother. This radiant Father is regularly depicted as a stern, irate or desirous God, a strict judge and provider of discipline to those of his youngsters who abuse his apparently self-assertive laws. Protestant Christianity and Islam have expelled the Divine Mother from their religions.

Catholic and Greek Orthodox Christianity have acknowledged the female as the mother of Jesus, not as God in her own particular right, however it gives the idea that dedication to the Madonna has been the most grounded living magical drive inside Christianity. Sanatana Dharma as an all inclusive custom perceives the significance of the Divine Mother. As indicated by Hinduism the most profound relationship that we can have with God is that of the Mother.