Prime Minister Gets Treatment

By | December 13, 2016

Yet, it is aggravating and notwithstanding befuddling to listen to the President’s period of ideal world as the Japanese track a rocket through their air space and the Iranians snicker at the world as they seek after atomic weapons. Venture out of Epcot Mr. President and attempt to make sense of how to keep nukes out of the hands of rouge despots and Islamic psychological militants and after that we can dream about a world without atomic warheads.

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Furthermore, talking about Islamic fear based oppressors, I’m not certain we consider the risk important any longer. Certainty is shaken when the chief of Homeland Security names fear based oppressors assaults as “man-made calamities”. What’s more, out of the blue, there is no more extended a “war on dread,” the term being dropped by the Obama group. Moreover, Obama goes to Turkey, as one AP article put it, “offering some kind of reparation with the Islamic world following eight years of strain” – more dream.

Once more, I’m just for Obama’s message of peace. Shrub himself frequently separated between the war on fear and war on Islam. In any case, the unyielding and obstinate the truth is that there are millions, yes millions, of Muslims who don’t need peace with us. Islamic Fascism spreads a belief system of loathe and a swath of blood and devastation. They detest our standards and lifestyle. This is reality.

It’s alright for President Obama to venture into his little dreamland for a brief time, yet he can’t remain there too long. On the other hand else we are all at hazard. This present reality requires grown-up consideration and develop administration.

“If you don’t mind if it’s not too much trouble would I be able to remain only one more week? Satisfy?” No, Mr. President, you can’t. You need to return to work. You need to settle on intense choices. You need to manage adversaries who detest America and consider you to be a lessened, stooping pioneer. They are prepared to grab an open door. I know this might be a stun Mr. President, however it’s an ideal opportunity to get genuine.