Priyanka Jagga Slams Salman Khan

By | December 26, 2016

After the pioneer of Jinn tribe, Iblis allured Adam and Eve in the Garden, God called him as Satan (Qur’an, 20:120). From that point, in connection to humankind’s issues on earth – Satan transformed into a direct opposite of Creator God. “Satan” infers deep rooted adversary – essentially to God and Prophets, optionally to men; it is likewise undifferentiated from “Fallen angel” implying ‘slanderer of God to men and of men to God’.

Satan promised to degenerate God’s Path: ‘My Lord! Since Thou has sent me to off track, I verily might decorate the way of blunder for them (i.e. individuals) in the earth and should deceive them everybody, spare such of them as are Thy splendidly dedicated slaves’ (Q, 15: 39). Since God made humankind as basically a reliant animal, in the event that somebody is not tolerating the “God’s Path uncovered to Prophets” – he/she needs to fall “under the spells of Satan.”

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As dilute is sent from high above to impregnate the variegated manifestations on the earth, and in like manner from paradise the Divine information is injected to the diverse resources of man’s awareness in earth: ‘… Which God hath talked by the mouth of all His heavenly prophets since the world started.

The learning of God was genealogically acquired by both pre-human Jinns and people in earth since when the earth was of one dialect and one discourse (Gen, 11: 1-8). God has sent Messengers/Angels likewise to the pre-human Jinns (Q, 6:130), yet the vast majority of the Jinn tribes under Satan’s spell rejected it and swung to Paganism of unrestrained lies about God (Q, 72).