Prophet Abraham Sunnah

By | January 21, 2017

The armed force under the summon of entered this region through kirman and possessed the aggregate zone of this tradition by overwhelming the armed forces of the lord. The war was brought about both sides casualities at first and in last stage the line was gone under the control of nimruz. The regions and every one of its regions were till under the control of the ruler Rai Sahiras had fallen and sahiras.

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the lord murdered and his troops and military were taken off and surrendered the kingdon to the new ruler. The child of Sahiras, named Rai Sahasi was placed in the position of his dad and he turn into the ruler to that tradition. The Rai administration was proceeded for more than two hundred years ( 489-690 AD)which was had a place with the brahmins and the regions were on the bank of Indus waterway, or the dried stream of Saraswati of the vedic age.

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The war between the Rai sahiras and The King of Fars was not in detail to comprehend whether the Mohammed Bin Qasim or other one was entered in the sind atr the life time of rai sahiras is not known on the grounds that the chachnamah has not given any points of interest of the war pursued against the Rai Sahiras. furthermore, straightforwardly hopped regarding the matter of climbing to the position of royalty of Rai Sahiras who had approached all Governors at the stronghold and requesting that they surrender the benefits and fortune to him before his murdering in the was.

The King of Fars additionally sanctioned the demonstration of climbing the position of royalty of his child, Rai Sahasi. This region in the historical backdrop of sind is not clear and some chrinclers and history essayists say that the hiostory recordes of that time were torch by the muslim trespassers in that war and further they assert the hotspot for filling the crevice in the history is not accessible. The accessible hotspot for this period is chachnamah and Shahnameh,the Epic of persian lords composed by Firdousi, a persian writer conceived in 935 AD and proceeded with his 32 years time span in composing a great many verses.