Prophet Abraham Sunnah

By | January 21, 2017

The Chachnama was composed by Ismail, child of Ali, child of Kufi in persian dialect on arabic original copies in 1216 AD. In the year 1583 AD Mir muhammed Maasusha, composed on the triumph on sind by Middle Easterners in persian dialect and named it the “Tarikh Maasumi”. The historical backdrop of sind was discribed from the time of granddad of Raja Dahir to the day of death of two little girls of Raja Dahir in 715 advertisement.

The Chachnama:An Ancient History of Sind , Giving the Hindu Period Down to the Arab Conquest Translated from Parsian, by Mirza Kalichbeg Fridenbeg, who was a Deputy Collector at Nausheron, Hyderabad District, Karachi,now in Pakistan, Printed at Commissioris Press written in english by DAYARAM GIDUMAL, Dhulia on twentieth November 1900. Mohammed Bin Qasim touched base into Sindh territory in 715 and its record of successes were composed in 1583, in persian dialect. In 1900 the interpretation of this book from persian to english was made. The distinction between happenings in the history and its record in the history has over 1000 years.

Prior to the fall of sind under the control of mohammed qasim , it was controlled by the lord sahiras child of sahasi rai through the arrangement of four governors with the limits up to the kasmir from the east side, makran toward the west side, ocean drift and town debal, and piles of kurdan and kikanan to its north side, and had numerous more illustrious and managerial working with the claim characteristic of stabled and impeccable state highlights in the whole kingdom.

brahmanabad, siwistan, iskanda, and multan were the adminstrative focuses with its well fabricated strongholds were under the control of the ruler with its focal head quarter at alor, and all these are under pakistani afghanistani and indian and afterritories and was free totally.