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By | December 26, 2016

Who are the Muslims to assess whatever other religion? They have tremendously turned out to be misinformed on the lessons of Muhammad. A great many people that express that Muslims are fear mongers and Islam is brutal don’t really comprehend Islam. A large portion of the turmoil performed will be performed by Radical Muslims who take after “Tribal Laws”.

Tribal laws call for assault casualties to be stoned, ladies to be constrained into relational unions when they are as youthful as nine years of age; this is not the educating of Islam. These laws are the savage strategies used by men to keep ladies abused in Muslims nations.

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Christianity was no better inside its history. The “Salem Witch Trials” is a superb illustration. This was performed by Christian men who were going town to town wiping out the female populaces with the sole reason, “They are witches”.

One of the different strategies used to settle on choices in figuring out whether a lady was a witch, was tossing her in profound water, on the off chance that she suffocated, she was not a witch, in the event that she skimmed, she was a witch. This strategy was the grounds used in smoldering ladies at a stake.